Healthy Lifestyle Trends in Millennial Style, Which Have You Tried?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an awareness that everyone has. However, generally, different ages, different ways a person lives a healthy lifestyle. Just look at your father or mother, maybe the way they take care of their health is a little different from yours, right? Usually, generation X (born in 1961-1980) chooses to maintain the body with classic sports such as jogging and balance it with 4 healthy 5 perfect meals that are cooked by themselves. When you mention the word healthy life, besides exercise, consumption of vegetables and fruit is the main thing that is most often cited as the key. However, not everyone likes the taste of vegetables or fruit, right? Made from a mixture of tea (you can use black tea or green tea), sugar and bacteria and yeast cultures commonly called Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY), kombucha Ireland benefits is suitable for consumption for those of you who don’t like fruits or vegetables.

Kombucha fermentation takes a week or more, depending on a variety of factors. Some of the factors include ambient temperature, air humidity, air composition, and others. After passing the fermentation period, this drink can be consumed immediately. And because it has been consumed for a long time, many people believe that kombucha has various health benefits. Kombucha is made from mixing tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast which ferments for a week or more. During fermentation, there is a growth of bacteria that may have a probiotic function. This probiotic will support the intestinal health of people who consume it. If intestinal health is maintained, the digestive system as a whole will also be maintained. Because it is made from a mixture of green tea, kombucha is also believed to have the properties contained in green tea.

Green tea itself is known as one of the healthiest drinks because it contains polyphenols. Polyphenols act as antioxidants, which can fight damage to body cells. Many scientists believe that the antioxidants obtained naturally from food or drink will be better than those from antioxidant supplements. That way, consuming kombucha is an option to get a source of natural antioxidants that come from drinks.