Sensitive Teeth, Avoid This Type Of Drink

Have you ever felt a pain in your teeth when you drink or eat something? It could be a sign you have sensitive teeth. The reason is, the pain that occurs due to sensitive teeth often causes discomfort when eating and drinking. Especially if the problem with sensitive teeth is severe enough, and it causes a sore sensation. Generally, tooth sensitivity occurs due to worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots. The dentist appointment near me can help you with it. However, there are also other things that can cause tooth sensitivity problems, such as:

Destruction of the gingiva (gum disease), as a result of periodontitis (gum infection).
Accumulation of tartar (excess plaque buildup).
Cracked teeth.
New patches.
Teeth whitening or other dental procedures.

In addition to having regular consultations with dentists, people with sensitive teeth also need to know the types of food and drinks that need to be avoided, in order to avoid annoying aches. Well, especially drinks, here are some types of drinks that people with sensitive teeth need to avoid:

1. Soda
Of the many types of drinks, soda is a drink that people with sensitive teeth really need to avoid. Because this drink has 2 elements or ingredients that can trigger tooth pain, namely sugar and acid. So, for those of you who have sensitive tooth problems, don’t try drinking soda.

2. Cold Drinks and Ice
Cold drinks and ice are indeed refreshing. However, people with sensitive teeth need to be careful, because this drink can trigger a sense of pain in the teeth. Sensitive teeth usually lack a layer of enamel that serves as a protective layer. With the lack of this protective coating, the cold temperature of the drink can exacerbate the taste of toothache. Especially if you have a habit of biting ice cubes. Its cold and hard nature is very dangerous for sensitive teeth.

3. Hot Coffee
Love to sip hot coffee in the morning before starting the day? You better start reducing it. Because hot temperatures can be an enemy for sensitive teeth, and coffee has an acidity that can affect tooth enamel. A few tips, if you want to eat hot coffee, you should add milk, because milk can reduce the heat and acidity of coffee, so it doesn’t damage your teeth too much.