Exercise to Overcome Low Back Pain

Low back pain is pain that is felt around the lumbar spine, tissues, muscles, and spinal cord which spreads to other organs located in the pelvic area and abdomen. Currently, approximately 80% of adults aged 30-50 years experience low back pain, with varying pain intensity as well. You can overcome this by visit the back pain breakthrough.

Low back pain can be caused by several things such as the habit of sitting too long in the same position, lack of exercise, lifting heavy weights, and having an accident that causes injury to the waist area and its surroundings. In addition, obesity can also be a major factor in low back pain because the muscles around the spine have to work harder to support all the excess body weight. If you often experience low back pain, see how to deal with it by doing the following five types of exercise.

Partial Crunches
Partial crunches are half crunches that can help build strength in the waist and abdominal muscles. Start by lying down with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Then, place your hands behind your head for support, then lift your body forward as if doing a sit-up. Keep your abs tight and your shoulders fully lifted off the floor. Hold this position for one second then slowly lower it to the lying position as at the beginning. Repeat this movement 8-12 times in stages. Partial crunches are ideal for low back pain because they can gradually train the muscles around your waist and stomach to become stronger.

Pilates Gymnastics
Pilates is a stretching exercise that focuses on the core of the abdominal muscles. This exercise can increase the flexibility of weak joints and strengthen the spine and other limbs. Pilates is a more modern version of yoga that aims to increase stamina and be able to correct unbalanced postures. That way, your risk of experiencing low back pain will decrease. For best results, do Pilates exercises with a professional instructor in order to treat low back pain efficiently and precisely.

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