Co-Workers Opinion And Goal-Oriented Evaluation Can Decide An Employee’s Wage

As the owner of a company, you do not immediately “go to the field” to work with employees. In this condition, the party who understands the employee the most is the employee’s co-workers. They are directly involved in work with the employees concerned. The opinion of coworkers is one good indicator to determine an employee’s performance. Therefore there is nothing wrong if you ask for opinions or judgments from other employees regarding employees who may be being evaluated for a salary adjustment. Ask about the attitude, how to work, and the results of the work done. Apart from that, you can also make online paychecks easier if you use the paystub.

Then, each employee must have details of their respective duties and responsibilities, while there are also goals that must be achieved. Evaluate to measure whether the related employees are working effectively and achieving individual, team, or company goals. If employees have achieved or exceeded the set goals, then it means they are eligible to receive a salary adjustment.

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