Can Peyronie’s Crooked Penis Be Straightened?


When erect, the penis becomes crooked and not erect as it should be. Men who suffer from this disease can usually have intercourse as usual, but in some cases of male genital abnormalities, the sufferer can cause pain and erectile dysfunction. You can go here and find out more about it.

Scar tissue builds up inside the white membrane that is often at the top and bottom of Mr. P. As the scar tissue gets thicker, Mr. P bends or takes care of it.

Swelling and inflammation of the penis can increase the risk of permanent severe scarring of the penis. Scar tissue in Peyronie’s disease is not the same as tissue that forms abnormally in the arteries (the cause of stenosis), but it is benign (noncancerous) cystic fibrous tissue.

In some cases, this condition does not require treatment because it will return to normal after a year or two. Treatment steps are also not necessary if the curvature is not too dangerous, you don’t feel pain during intercourse, you only feel a little pain during an erection, and you can still get an erection normally.

However, if this male genital disorder causes danger and discomfort, you should immediately go to a doctor for treatment. There are two ways of treatment that can be done, including:

– Administration of Drugs. The doctor prescribes a number of drugs to reduce the bending, size of scar tissue, and inflammation of Mr. P. These drugs may be taken directly or by injection directly into the scar tissue in Mr. P.

– Surgery. The form of surgery carried out is by changing the plaque tissue on the penis which resists the bending effect and causes it to harden so that the penis can return to normal.

The penis can be straight back with several treatments as recommended by the doctor. However, this condition will actually get better over time, so you don’t really need treatment. Don’t feel embarrassed to visit the doctor if you experience the above problems. We will help you to get the best treatment to solve this problem.

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